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Detection and Prevention of Drowsiness and Fatigue related Incidents or Accidents

iFatigue - Driver with Fatigue

We all know that sleep is essential for our brain function as well as our body. Sleep loss can cause drowsiness, cognitive impairment and increase risk of accidents, especially for those who need to drive and operate for a long time.

iFatigue - Driver with Drowsiness

Although many risk reduction strategies can be adopted, drivers usually do not know or realise the actual risks they face. Even if you do not expect drowsiness, drowsiness will occur. This includes in the workplace, on the road and in other situations where your safety and the safety of others are threatened.

The early detection of the onset of Drowsiness or Fatigue will prevent any Fatigue related Incidents or Accidents. Therefore, a fatigue warning system plays an important role to remind the drivers and help reduce accidents.

The Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688V4-B is available from iFatigue and uses a patented advanced and unique technology ( From CareDrive ) to detect drowsiness from its earliest stages, and to protect people’s lives and avoid damage to vehicles.

It can also connect with any fleet management system and our RavTrackPc Opencast Mining Monitoring system to send the fatigue information to the fleet management centre. Managers can make better management strategies according to drivers’ performance to help save more cost for the enterprises.

iFatigue works with the CareDrive Brand every day to help manage drowsiness issues and reduce 90% of Fatigue related incidents or accidents.

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