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The Driver Fatigue Monitoring System MR688 is developed using patented pupil identification technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction, and to alert the driver and the fleet management centre. The system uses automotive-grade image sensors to capture infrared images of the operator and a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor to analyse and identify if they have become inattentive, either due to drowsiness or distraction. Its advanced non-contact mode and sophisticated algorithm allows the device to understand the state of the drivers in real world conditions, including full sunshine and if the driver is wearing glasses or sunglasses and issue early warnings when fatigue occurs to protect life and property.

Functionality, Features and Application

Driver Fatigue Alarm

Driver Fatigue Alert MR688V4-B uses unique pupil identification technology to detect and analyse the changing characteristics of pupils. When it judges a driver is in fatigue status, it will provide a warning alarm to remind the driver.

Driver Distraction Alarm

Anti-Sleep Alarm MR688V4-B also focuses on the distraction driving detection. When a driver looks around or do not concentrate on the road, MR688V4-B will provide an alarm to remind the driver.

Over Speed Alarm

Customer can set over speed value to Driver Alert System MR688. When over speed driving is detected, MR688 will provide warning alarm.

Driver Fatigue Signals or Images Output

Driver Fatigue Monitor system MR688V4-B can connect with customer’s AVL/GPS system and send the fatigue signals or images to the fleet management centre so that the supervisor can know the driver’s real time situation and take action in time for a better fleet safety management.

Driver Fatigue Video Output

Driver drowsiness detection system MR688 can connect with customer’s MDVR and output videos for indisputable evidence.

  • Basic Stand-Alone with Interface system
  • Remote Monitoring with MDVR or Data Modem Option
  • Gps Antenna – Alarm Speed Settings
  • Fatigue, Fatigue RED Alert, Distraction, Operator Detection
  • Green Led Operator Detection Indicator
  • Video Output Cable
  • MDVR Interface – Alarm + Video Recording Option
  • Settings Adjustable with Stand-Alone Programming Unit
  • Ram Bracket Option
  • 3 x IO digital output

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