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If you are looking for something basic to alert you for fatigue (eye closures), yawning, calling, smoking, then this product would be a suitable option.

The LS-505 driver fatigue monitoring system is designed with an AI algorithm that can detect fatigue, yawning, calling, smoking and distraction. The LS-505 also has RS232 and Video output that can be used to connect with your current device such as GPS tracker, MDVR and Screen.

Functionality, Features and Application

Fatigue, yawning, calling, smoking

Eyelid closures, mouth opening, smartphone use, and smoking a cigarette will be detected during driving and an alert will be triggered by the device to alert the vehicle operator, and to protect life and property.

Distraction (e.g.: turning head left/right or up/down off the road, texting, eating/drinking)

An alert will be triggered when the gaze is beyond the safe zone shown to protect life and property.

Driver absence or camera block

An alert will be triggered when the driver is not in the vehicle seat, or the camera is covered.

  • Basic DMS Stand-Alone system
  • Remote Monitoring is an Option if connected to a monitoring device
  • External GPS Antenna – Alarms Speed Setting
  • Lighter Plug Power Connection
  • Fatigue, Distractions, No Operator, Phone Calling, Smoking alarms
  • Video Output Cable
  • Micro SD Card Recording
  • Settings Adjustable with Cell phone and Interface Cable

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